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12 Best Password Manager Software Shortlist

After extensive evaluation, I've curated the 12 best password manager software for keeping passwords safe and accessible:

  1. Bravura Pass - Best for extensive customization options
  2. Passwork - Best for teams seeking robust collaboration
  3. Specops Password Security Software - Best for integrating with Active Directory
  4. 1Password - Best for multi-platform password synchronization
  5. Passportal - Best for IT service providers
  6. Keeper - Best for providing advanced two-factor authentication
  7. Securden - Best for centralized control over shared credentials
  8. NordPass - Best for a straightforward user interface
  9. Bitwarden - Best for organizations valuing open-source software
  10. Dashlane - Best for a built-in VPN feature
  11. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro - Best for large organizations with complex needs
  12. LastPass - Best for individual users and small businesses

As someone who values privacy and security, I understand the critical importance of having robust password manager software in today's digital era. A password manager, in essence, serves as a secure vault that generates, stores, and manages your passwords and personal data, making it easy to log in to your various accounts. The benefits are multifold – you get to create strong, unique passwords for all your online accounts without the headache of remembering each one.

To put it into perspective, imagine having an assistant who not only remembers your numerous passwords but also your credit card details, and efficiently auto-fills them when needed. Password managers work through browser extensions for Chrome, Brave, and others, which work easily with Apple's iPhone and other mobile devices. Some even provide options for a family plan or a free plan, with the capability to store unlimited passwords. So, if you're tired of weak passwords and the constant worry of forgetting them, it's time to explore these options.

What is Password Manager Software?

Password Manager Software is a tool designed to secure, organize, and streamline access to multiple password-protected accounts. Primarily utilized by individuals, businesses, and IT professionals, these digital vaults store sensitive information like usernames, passwords, and even payment details in an encrypted format.

With this, users bypass the difficulty of memorizing a multitude of complex, unique passwords. Instead, they need to remember just one master password to unlock their collection. Beyond cloud storage, these software offer features such as password generation, autofill, and secure sharing, providing a comprehensive solution to secure digital identity management.

Overview of the 12 Best Password Manager Software

1. Bravura Pass - Best for extensive customization options

Bravura Pass password manager homepage screenshot
A homepage overview screenshot of the Bravura Pass website.

Bravura Pass is a comprehensive password manager tool that centralizes and secures your password storage. With its focus on customization, it allows users to adjust settings to meet specific security and usability preferences.

Why I Picked Bravura Pass:

I chose Bravura Pass for its remarkable ability to adapt to individual needs. Its customization options set it apart from many other password managers, enabling it to suit diverse user requirements. It's this tailor-made approach that makes it the best for those seeking extensive customization options.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Bravura Pass offers a suite of robust features like secure sharing, strong password auditing, and automated password resets. Importantly, its customization capability allows users to tweak these features to their liking. It integrates well with popular web browsers for login experiences and supports various SSO systems for simplified access management.


From $5/user/month (billed annually)


  • Extensive customization options
  • Secure sharing capabilities
  • Smooth integration with web browsers


  • Higher learning curve due to customization
  • Billed annually, not monthly
  • Pricing might be a bit high for some users

2. Passwork - Best for teams seeking robust collaboration

Passwork password manager setting and users dashboard
Passwork securely stores company passwords to enable collaboration, user rights management, security monitoring, and one-click log-in.

Passwork is a password manager tool designed with team collaboration in mind. It provides a secure platform for teams to store, manage, and share their login credentials with ease.

Why I Picked Passwork:

In my selection process, Passwork stood out for its focus on collaborative features. It's designed to streamline the password management process for teams, a trait that's not universally prioritized in password managers.

This team-centric approach is what makes Passwork the best for teams seeking robust collaboration.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of Passwork include shared access, team-based permissions, and an audit log for tracking changes. These features make it a powerful tool for team collaboration. It also integrates with popular browsers for easy access to stored credentials, and supports import from various other password managers, easing the transition for teams switching to Passwork.


From $1.50/user/month (billed annually)


  • Designed with team collaboration in mind
  • Detailed audit log
  • Easy transition with import feature


  • Individual users may not need team features
  • Pricing may be confusing as it's billed annually
  • Limited integration with other enterprise tools

3. Specops Password Security Software - Best for integrating with Active Directory

Specops Password Security Software website screenshot
Specops Password Security Software safeguards business data by preventing weak passwords.

Specops is a comprehensive password security software that excels in Active Directory (AD) integration. This solution streamlines password policies, breach prevention, and secure password resets while synchronizing easily with your AD environment.

Why I Picked Specops Password Security Software:

In assessing a plethora of password managers, Specops emerged as unique due to its deep Active Directory integration. This makes it perfect for organizations heavily reliant on AD for their identity and access management.

Consequently, Specops becomes the top pick for those seeking a solution best for integrating with Active Directory.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Specops stands out with features like customizable password policies, password expiration notifications, and secure self-service password reset functionality. Its ability to integrate easily with Active Directory ensures that password policies and changes reflect instantly across the AD environment, making user management more streamlined.


From $5/user/month (min 50 seats)


  • Deep Active Directory integration
  • Customizable password policies
  • Secure self-service password reset


  • Minimum of 50 seats might be high for smaller teams
  • May not be necessary for organizations not to use Active Directory
  • Some features may have a learning curve

4. 1Password - Best for multi-platform password synchronization

Creating new vault in 1Password password manager software
1Password vaults organize, share, and control team information access.

1Password offers a secure and user-friendly solution to manage all your passwords across various platforms. It shines in synchronizing your sensitive information across all devices and operating systems, securing your digital life no matter where you are.

Why I Picked 1Password:

The multi-platform support and easy synchronization made 1Password stand out in my evaluation. As more people work from different devices and locations, it’s crucial to have a password manager that harmonizes your data across all platforms.

For this reason, 1Password took the crown for being the best for multi-platform password synchronization.

Standout Features & Integrations:

1Password offers end-to-end encryption, auto-fill functionality, and Travel Mode, which allows you to remove sensitive data from your devices when you travel. It integrates with popular browsers for effortless login and form filling, and it's compatible with major operating systems including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.


From $2.99/user/month (billed annually)


  • End-to-end encryption for maximum security
  • Travel Mode for data safety during travel
  • Easy synchronization across all platforms


  • Pricing is based on annual billing
  • No free version available
  • May require initial learning to utilize all features

5. Passportal - Best for IT service providers

Passportal reports menu screenshot
With Passportal's comprehensive, exportable reports, nothing will escape your notice.

Passportal provides a specialized solution for IT service providers, offering an intuitive password and IT documentation management system. This tool simplifies the task of handling multiple clients' credentials and IT information, making it ideal for IT service providers.

Why I Picked Passportal:

Passportal caught my attention due to its specificity in catering to the needs of IT service providers. Its centralized credential management and robust IT documentation features set it apart from other password managers.

I believe Passportal is best for IT service providers because it is designed to manage multiple clients' credentials and IT information efficiently.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Passportal includes features such as automated password resets, secure password sharing, and comprehensive IT documentation. It also provides audit logs to monitor any changes made. Integration-wise, Passportal works well with popular professional service automation (PSA) tools like Autotask and ConnectWise.


Pricing upon request


  • Centralized management of multiple clients' credentials
  • Robust IT documentation capabilities
  • Integration with popular PSA tools


  • Pricing information is not directly available
  • May be overwhelming for individual users or small businesses
  • Limited usability outside of IT service providers

6. Keeper - Best for providing advanced two-factor authentication

Secure file and password sharing in Keeper password manager software
Here's the secure file and password sharing in Keeper.

Keeper is a comprehensive password management solution that takes user security to a higher level. Its commitment to bolstering account security through advanced two-factor authentication makes it ideal for users who prioritize improved security protocols.

Why I Picked Keeper:

The decision to include Keeper on this list was largely influenced by its focus on advanced security features. It differentiates itself with robust two-factor authentication, adding an extra layer of security to user accounts.

I am of the opinion that Keeper is the best tool for advanced two-factor authentication due to its uncompromising approach to securing user information.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Keeper offers features like secure record sharing, emergency access, and a strong focus on two-factor authentication, including biometric login. It also provides a secure digital vault for storing sensitive documents. Integration-wise, Keeper works easily with popular platforms like Slack, and it supports SAML 2.0 for secure authentication.


From $3.75/user/month (billed annually)


  • Focuses on advanced two-factor authentication
  • Secure digital vault for storing sensitive documents
  • Integration with platforms like Slack


  • Lower tiers lack some advanced features
  • Annual billing may not be suitable for all users
  • Its emphasis on security might be overwhelming for users seeking a more straightforward password management tool

7. Securden - Best for centralized control over shared credentials

Securden's password vault reports screenshot
The reports help you track who has access to what passwords in Securden.

Securden is a comprehensive password management tool with a strong emphasis on centralized control of shared credentials. It's a tool designed to provide organizations with the ability to manage and control access to shared accounts, making it a strong choice for those prioritizing such centralized credential management.

Why I Picked Securden:

I selected Securden for this list due to its unique focus on providing central control over shared credentials. Its ability to manage and control shared account access sets it apart from many other password management tools.

Given its feature set, I believe Securden is best for users who need a centralized approach to shared credential management.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Securden's standout features include centralized access control, secure password sharing, and comprehensive auditing capabilities. It also includes automatic password resets for major platforms, which adds an extra layer of security.

In terms of integrations, Securden works well with popular platforms like Windows, Linux, and many databases, allowing easy user authentication and access control.


From $4/user/month (billed annually)


  • Centralized control of shared credentials
  • Secure password sharing feature
  • Robust auditing capabilities


  • Lacks some advanced features present in other tools
  • Requires a learning curve for full feature utilization
  • Annual billing may not suit all users' financial plans

8. NordPass - Best for a straightforward user interface

NordPass settings feature
Implement company-wide security measures, including password guidelines and multi-factor authentication with NordPass.

NordPass is a secure password management tool that operates with a focus on user-friendly design and simplicity. It's developed by the creators of NordVPN, and this attention to straightforward design makes it an excellent choice for those looking for an easy-to-use interface.

Why I Picked NordPass:

I chose NordPass for this list because of its clean, intuitive user interface. Compared to some other passkey management tools, NordPass excels in providing a user-friendly experience without sacrificing security.

Given its easy-to-navigate design, I found NordPass to be the best tool for those seeking a straightforward user interface.

Standout Features & Integrations:

NordPass features include password generation, secure passkey sharing, and a built-in OCR scanner to capture information quickly. It's encrypted with the latest security measures (XChaCha20) to keep user information safe.

NordPass also integrates smoothly with various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge, and platforms like iOS and Android, facilitating easy and secure access across devices.


From $2.49/user/month (billed annually)


  • Clean and straightforward user interface
  • Secure password sharing feature
  • Advanced security encryption (XChaCha20)


  • Limited advanced features compared to some competitors
  • The best features are only available in the paid plan
  • Annual commitment may not be ideal for all users

9. Bitwarden - Best for organizations valuing open-source software

Bitwarden directory connector
Improve user onboarding and account provision/de-provision using Bitwarden Directory Connector or SCIM integration.

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager that is designed for both individuals and businesses. It offers secure password storage and sharing, making it ideal for organizations that place a premium on the flexibility and transparency of open-source software.

Why I Picked Bitwarden:

I selected Bitwarden for inclusion on this list due to its open-source nature. This characteristic sets it apart from many other password management tools. The transparency provided by open-source software can enhance trust and allow for customizable security solutions, making Bitwarden the best choice for organizations valuing open-source software.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Bitwarden provides end-to-end encryption for secure password management and sharing, as well as features such as a password generator and secure note storage. It offers easy integrations with multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, and mobile platforms like iOS and Android, allowing for secure access across various devices.


From $3/user/month


  • Open-source nature provides transparency and flexibility
  • Offers end-to-end encryption
  • Wide range of browser and platform integrations


  • User interface may not be as intuitive as some competitors
  • Requires some technical expertise to fully utilize open-source benefits
  • Lacks some advanced features offered by proprietary password managers

10. Dashlane - Best for a built-in VPN feature

Dashlane reporting dashboard
Here's what reporting dashboard in Dashlane looks like.

Dashlane is a robust password manager with an array of additional features, including a built-in VPN for added online security. The tool aids in generating, storing, and auto-filling complex passwords across all your devices, keeping your digital identity secure.

Its built-in VPN sets it apart, adding an extra layer of security, particularly when accessing the internet from public or unsecured networks.

Why I Picked Dashlane:

I picked Dashlane for its unique built-in VPN feature. While all password managers secure your login credentials, Dashlane goes a step further to safeguard your overall online activities, making it the best option for users who need a VPN along with password management.

This distinct aspect creates a full-package security tool, differentiating Dashlane from many other password managers.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Beyond password management, Dashlane includes a digital wallet for secure online payments and offers dark web monitoring to alert users if their information appears in compromised databases. The tool's VPN functionality provides an encrypted internet connection, a feature not common in many password managers.

Dashlane integrates well with numerous web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and offers apps for both iOS and Android platforms like Microsoft.


From $4.99/user/month (billed annually)


  • Includes a built-in VPN for added online security
  • Provides dark web monitoring
  • Offers a digital wallet for secure online payments


  • More expensive compared to some other password managers
  • The built-in VPN is not as fully-featured as standalone VPN services
  • Free version significantly limits the number of passwords and devices

11. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro - Best for large organizations with complex needs

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro website screenshot
This image is a screenshot of the ManageEngine Password Manager Pro website.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is an enterprise-grade password management solution that enables secure file storage, management, and sharing of passwords and digital identities. It is designed for larger organizations with intricate requirements, allowing for intricate access controls, thorough audit trails, and robust add-ons.

It fits large organizations well because of its scalability and the ability to handle complex hierarchical structures.

Why I Picked ManageEngine Password Manager Pro:

I selected ManageEngine Password Manager Pro because of its scalability and extensive feature set catering to complex organizational structures. This tool stood out to me because it's not just a password manager, but a comprehensive privileged access management solution.

It's particularly suitable for large organizations with complex needs due to its extensive customization options, role-based access controls, and robust auditing capabilities.

Standout Features & Integrations:

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro offers a wide array of features such as automated password resets, secure remote access, privileged session management, and detailed audit trails. Its high-level security measures, including two-factor authentication, ensure secure access to sensitive data.

The tool integrates with a range of other platforms, such as Active Directory, LDAP, and a variety of SIEM tools to provide comprehensive security management.


From $2.96/user/month (min 5 seats, billed annually)


  • Offers extensive features suitable for large organizations
  • Provides robust integrations for comprehensive security management
  • Includes detailed audit trails for transparency and accountability


  • Can be overwhelming for small businesses or individuals due to its complexity
  • Pricing could be high for organizations with a large number of users
  • The user interface could be more intuitive and user-friendly

12. LastPass - Best for individual users and small businesses

LastPass security score overview
LastPass monitors your accounts and sends an alert if your information is compromised.

LastPass is a robust password manager that helps individuals and small businesses manage their online credentials securely. It simplifies password management by creating, storing, and filling in login credentials across multiple sites.

Given its ease of use and cost-effectiveness, it is an excellent choice for individual users and small businesses that need a straightforward solution for password management.

Why I Picked LastPass:

In assessing password management solutions, I was drawn to LastPass for its simple yet effective approach to password management. What makes LastPass stand out from the crowd is its user-friendly interface and intuitive features, making it accessible to individual users and small businesses.

I believe LastPass is ideal for this user segment due to its combination of affordability, ease of use, and comprehensive feature set that does not compromise on security.

Standout Features & Integrations:

Key features of LastPass include auto-fill and auto-login, secure password sharing, and multi-factor authentication. These features make it easier for users to navigate the web securely without the burden of remembering numerous passwords. LastPass integrates easily with various browsers and operating systems, offering a smooth user experience across devices.


From $3/user/month (billed annually)


  • User-friendly interface, suitable for individuals and small businesses
  • Offers secure password sharing, which is handy for team collaboration
  • Compatible with various platforms and browsers for easy use


  • The mobile app requires a subscription, which may not be ideal for users looking for a free solution
  • Customer support could be more responsive
  • Some users might find the setup process a bit complex initially

Other Noteworthy Password Manager Software

Below is a list of additional password manager software that I shortlisted but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. Sticky Password - Good for biometric verification options
  2. Enpass - Good for offline password management
  3. Zoho Vault - Good for businesses already using the Zoho suite
  4. True Key - Good for integration with Intel software
  5. KeePass - Good for users who prefer open-source solutions
  6. ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus - Good for Active Directory environments
  7. Remembear - Good for a simple and intuitive user interface
  8. Password Boss - Good for sharing passwords securely with teams
  9. BIO-key PortalGuard IDaaS - Good for identity-as-a-service functionality
  10. EssentialPIM - Good for integration with personal information management
  11. LogMeOnce - Good for users seeking a photo login feature
  12. OneLogin - Good for enterprise-level identity management
  13. TeamPassword - Good for small teams requiring password collaboration
  14. Avatier Identity Anywhere - Good for identity management across different platforms
  15. Passbolt - Good for companies looking for a free open-source solution
  16. PassPack - Good for password management and team collaboration
  17. VaultOne - Good for companies seeking a secure remote access solution
  18. Password Depot - Good for users seeking a powerful and flexible tool

Selection Criteria for Choosing Password Manager Software

After personally testing and researching a multitude of password management tools, I found some key criteria that play a crucial role in choosing the best tool. It's not just about storing passwords; the best tools offer various functionalities that ensure user convenience and improved security. The following is a breakdown of the criteria that I considered in this process:

Core Functionality

  • Secure Storage and Retrieval of Passwords: The tool should allow users to store passwords securely and retrieve them easily when needed.
  • Auto-fill Function: A great tool should be able to autofill passwords on websites and applications, saving users from the hassle of typing in passwords each time.
  • Password Generation: The tool should be capable of generating strong, unique passwords that users can use to enhance their security.

Key Features

  • Multi-platform Synchronization: The tool should be able to sync stored passwords across various devices and platforms.
  • Secure Sharing: Users should be able to share their passwords securely with trusted individuals or teams.
  • Two-factor Authentication: This feature provides an added layer of security by requiring an additional step for verification, beyond just the password.
  • Biometric Login: Tools with this feature allow users to log in using fingerprint or face recognition, providing easy access and increased security.


  • Intuitive User Interface: Password managers should have an interface that is easy to navigate and understand, making password management a breeze for users.
  • Easy Onboarding: The tool should provide simple instructions for new users to get started and understand how to use the features.
  • Effective Customer Support: Robust customer support is crucial, especially for tools that handle sensitive information like passwords. Users should have access to timely assistance when they encounter issues or need clarification.
  • Robust Search Function: Users often store numerous passwords; a good search function helps users retrieve the needed password quickly.
  • Role-based Access (for team-oriented tools): For password managers used by teams, it's essential to easily set up and configure role-based access, ensuring that team members have the appropriate level of access to shared passwords.

Most Common Questions Regarding Password Manager Software (FAQs)

What are the benefits of using password manager software?

Using password manager software provides several significant advantages:

  1. Secure Password Storage: Password managers provide a secure place to store your passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  2. Auto-Fill Feature: With password managers, you can autofill your login details on websites and applications, which can save you time.
  3. Password Generation: These tools can generate strong and unique passwords for you, which can increase your online security.
  4. Cross-Platform Access: Password managers sync your passwords across different devices and platforms, so you have access to your passwords wherever you are.
  5. Secure Sharing: Some password managers allow you to share access without revealing your passwords, which is particularly useful for teams.

How much does password manager software cost?

The cost of password manager software varies depending on its features, the number of users, and whether it's designed for individual use or businesses.

What are the typical pricing models for password manager software?

Most password manager tools offer a subscription-based pricing model, which is usually charged per user per month or annually. Some offer a free tier with basic features, while premium features come with paid plans. Enterprise plans often come with custom pricing.

What is the typical range of pricing for password manager software?

The pricing range can be quite broad depending on the software. On average, individual plans can start from $2 per user/month to about $10 per user/month. Business plans often have custom pricing based on the number of users and additional features.

What are the cheapest and most expensive password manager software?

Among the tools I reviewed, LastPass has one of the cheapest premium plans, starting from around $3 per user/month. In contrast, Dashlane, known for its extensive features, including a built-in VPN, is one of the more expensive options, with plans starting at around $6.49 per user/month.

Are there free password manager tools?

Yes, many password manager tools offer a free version. KeePass and LastPass offer robust free versions, though they do have limitations compared to their premium counterparts. However, they can be a good starting point for individual users.

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In summary, choosing the right password manager software hinges on understanding your unique needs and matching them with the features, usability, and pricing of each tool. Here are three key takeaways to guide your decision-making process:

  1. Identify Your Needs: Whether you're an individual user, a small business, or a large organization with complex needs, there's a password manager out there for you. Understand your specific requirements, such as cross-platform access, secure sharing options, or advanced features like built-in VPNs.
  2. Consider the User Experience: A password manager should be intuitive and easy to use, regardless of its advanced features. Look for tools that offer a clean, user-friendly interface and good customer support.
  3. Evaluate the Pricing: While some password managers offer free versions, they may lack advanced features found in premium versions. Consider your budget and the value each tool offers. Remember, investing in online security can save you from potential cyber threats, hackers, and data breaches in the long run.

What do you think?

I hope this guide offers you valuable insights in your journey to find the perfect password manager software for your unique needs. But remember, the field of cybersecurity is dynamic and constantly evolving, and new tools emerge regularly.

So, what do you think? If you believe there's a standout tool that I haven't covered, please let me know! I’m always open to exploring new options and expanding my understanding of this critical sector. Your insights could be beneficial for my next update!

By Paulo Gardini Miguel

Paulo is the Director of Technology at the rapidly growing media tech company BWZ. Prior to that, he worked as a Software Engineering Manager and then Head Of Technology at Navegg, Latin America’s largest data marketplace, and as Full Stack Engineer at MapLink, which provides geolocation APIs as a service. Paulo draws insight from years of experience serving as an infrastructure architect, team leader, and product developer in rapidly scaling web environments. He’s driven to share his expertise with other technology leaders to help them build great teams, improve performance, optimize resources, and create foundations for scalability.