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12 Best Business VPNs Shortlist

I've assessed 12 top VPNs to find the best business solutions tailored to address your specific challenges and gaps.

  1. VyprVPN for Business - Best for robust security measures
  2. Windscribe - Best for flexible pricing plans
  3. Hotspot Shield Business VPN - Best for speed and performance
  4. Surfshark - Best for small to medium businesses
  5. Private Internet Access (PIA) Business VPN - Best for privacy controls
  6. Mullvad VPN - Best for anonymous payment options
  7. Proton VPN - Best for integration with secure email
  8. CyberGhost Business VPN - Best for diverse server locations
  9. GoodAccess - Best for cloud gateway security
  10. PureVPN - Best for global connectivity
  11. NordLayer - Best for team collaboration
  12. ExpressVPN - Best for consistent reliability

Navigating the intricate landscape of business VPNs can be a daunting task, but I've immersed myself in the nuances of VPN servers, scoured Amazon reviews, sifted through countless FAQs, and conducted thorough VPN reviews to bring you a guide that resonates with your needs. The benefits are substantial, protecting against data breaches, enhancing network security, and allowing remote access to company resources.

I understand that one of the main pain points is finding a VPN that's both robust and user-friendly, capable of handling the diverse needs of a modern business without causing unnecessary complications. I've done the heavy lifting to present options that I believe will suit your specific requirements, and I trust that this guide will lead you to a solution that aligns with your goals.

What Is a Business VPN?

A business VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a technology that creates a secure and encrypted connection over the internet, allowing remote employees and branches to access company resources as if they were on the local network. Primarily utilized by businesses of all sizes, it safeguards sensitive data from potential breaches while ensuring secure communication across various platforms.

From multinational corporations to small enterprises, a business VPN is employed to maintain privacy, ensure data integrity, and provide secure access to shared resources, applications, and systems. Whether connecting remote workers or protecting client information, this tool forms an essential part of a company's cybersecurity infrastructure.

Overviews of the 12 Best Business VPNs

1. VyprVPN for Business - Best for robust security measures

VyprVPN business VPN interface
Here's the VyprVpn for Business connection network settings and details.

VyprVPN for Business focuses on offering secure connections with robust security features tailored to business needs. By incorporating measures such as 256-bit encryption, kill switch functionality and DNS leak protection, it has proven to be best for robust security measures.

Why I Picked VyprVPN for Business:

I chose VyprVPN for Business after carefully judging and comparing the security features among various VPN providers. What makes VyprVPN stand out is its commitment to maintaining the highest level of security using advanced technologies like Chameleon protocol and OpenVPN. I determined that it's best for robust security measures due to its unique approach to protecting against data breaches, hackers, and malware, offering both functionality and ease of use.

Standout features & integrations:

VyprVPN offers 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch feature, providing excellent security for company network access. Their split tunnelling and dedicated server options ensure flexibility for remote access. The service integrates well with operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, catering to different business plans and team members.


From $24.92/user/month (billed annually, min 10 seats)


  • High-grade security features including 256-bit encryption and kill switch
  • Broad compatibility with Windows, mac, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Provides dedicated IP address and OpenVPN for customized solutions


  • Higher starting price may not suit small business
  • Lacks a dedicated account manager for business plans
  • Limited number of simultaneous connections in the base plan

2. Windscribe - Best for flexible pricing plans

Windscribe business VPN interface
Here's the Windscribe VPN Windows client and connection network settings.

Windscribe is renowned for offering a variety of pricing options that cater to diverse business needs, from small enterprises to larger organizations. Its commitment to flexible pricing plans ensures that every business, regardless of its size, can find a plan that fits their budget.

Why I Picked Windscribe:

I chose Windscribe after a detailed analysis and comparison of various VPN providers' pricing structures. Windscribe's diverse pricing plans caught my eye, allowing businesses to pick the one that best aligns with their budget and needs. I concluded that it's best for flexible pricing plans as it provides an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to enjoy the essential security features without overstepping their financial boundaries.

Standout features & integrations:

Windscribe offers great functionality with features like a firewall, DNS leak protection, and split tunnelling. It also provides support for OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard protocols. The VPN integrates with various operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, allowing simultaneous connections across multiple devices.


From $4.08/user/month (billed annually, min 5 seats)


  • Offers a wide range of pricing plans suitable for all business sizes
  • Compatibility with various operating systems and browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox)
  • Provides split tunnelling and remote access control


  • Lacks a dedicated account manager for business plans
  • No 24/7 customer support, which might cause delays in resolving issues
  • Limited server locations compared to some other top-tier VPN providers

3. Hotspot Shield Business VPN - Best for speed and performance

Hotspot Shield Business VPN business VPN interface
Here's a screenshot of Hotspot Shield Business VPN accesing Wi-Fi hotspot connection.

Hotspot Shield Business VPN is a well-known tool that offers VPN services primarily focusing on speed and performance. It ensures a high-speed internet connection for businesses that demand quick access to data, aligning perfectly with its reputation for being the best in the category for speed and performance.

Why I Picked Hotspot Shield Business VPN:

I chose Hotspot Shield Business VPN after comparing multiple VPN providers based on their speed and overall performance. What made it stand out is its dedicated technology, known as Hydra, to ensure optimal speed without compromising security. I determined that it is "Best for speed and performance" since it caters to businesses where a fast connection is critical, including those with remote work requirements or cloud-based applications.

Standout features & integrations:

Hotspot Shield provides top-notch speed through its Hydra protocol, ensuring quick access to company data and cloud-based tools. It offers 265-bit encryption, a built-in kill switch, and IP leak protection to secure VPN connections. Integrations include compatibility with popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, allowing for use across various devices.


From $20/user/month (min 5 seats)


  • Exceptional speed and performance, suitable for businesses that rely on fast internet connections
  • Comprehensive security features including 265-bit encryption and a kill switch
  • Compatibility with a wide range of operating systems


  • Higher starting price compared to other VPN providers
  • Lacks some advanced features like multi-factor authentication and access control
  • Limited number of servers, which may affect connection stability in some regions

4. Surfshark - Best for small to medium businesses

Surfshark business VPN interface
Here's a screenshot of Surfshark locating Wi-Fi hotspot to nearest country.

Surfshark is a highly-regarded VPN provider that offers a wide range of security features and VPN connections to its users. It caters to small to medium businesses by providing a secure and easy-to-use solution, making it the ideal choice for those who are looking for cost-effective yet robust VPN options.

Why I Picked Surfshark:

I chose Surfshark after carefully comparing and judging various VPN services. What makes Surfshark stand out is its combination of affordability, comprehensive features, and a user-friendly interface, tailored for small to medium-sized businesses. I found it to be "Best for small to medium businesses" as it offers a balanced approach that meets the security needs without overburdening the budget, a critical factor for growing companies.

Standout features & integrations:

Surfshark comes with a plethora of essential features, including AES 256 encryption, a kill switch, and a zero-trust security model. It also offers split tunnelling and a DNS leak protection mechanism to provide secure internet connections. The tool integrates smoothly with various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux, making it versatile for a range of business needs.


From $12.95/user/month, with discounts for a longer commitment such as a year plan (billed annually)


  • Affordable and scalable, fitting for small to medium businesses
  • Provides AES 256 encryption and a kill switch, ensuring robust security features
  • Offers compatibility with a multitude of operating systems, improving ease of use


  • Lacks dedicated account manager support for personalized service
  • Some users may find the network access and simultaneous connections limited
  • Although user-friendly, its functionality might not meet the requirements of larger enterprises or those with complex network security demands

5. Private Internet Access (PIA) Business VPN - Best for privacy controls

Private Internet Access (PIA) Business VPN interface
Here's the Private Internet Access (PIA) Business VPN adding an IP Address link for split tunnel setting.

Private Internet Access (PIA) Business VPN is a trusted VPN provider that emphasizes robust privacy controls and secure network access. With its no-logs policy, AES 256 encryption, and a plethora of privacy-focused features, PIA serves as a go-to option for businesses and individuals concerned about maintaining stringent privacy measures. This keen attention to privacy is why I believe it stands out as the best for privacy controls.

Why I Picked Private Internet Access (PIA) Business VPN:

I chose PIA Business VPN for this list after judging and comparing it with other contenders based on the privacy controls it offers. What makes PIA different is its staunch commitment to privacy, including a stringent no-logs policy, and the advanced encryption standards it adheres to. I determined that it's "Best for privacy controls" given its extensive measures to safeguard user data, aligning it perfectly with the needs of businesses that prioritize privacy.

Standout features & integrations:

PIA Business VPN offers key features like DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and OpenVPN support, ensuring secure VPN connections. It also provides bandwidth control and multi-factor authentication, improving its appeal for privacy-conscious users. For integrations, PIA is compatible across various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, ensuring that it can work with different operating systems and devices.


From $9.95/user/month, discounts available for a year plan (billed annually)


  • Emphasizes privacy controls with features like no-logs policy and AES 256 encryption
  • Offers compatibility across different operating systems, making it user-friendly
  • Includes kill switch and DNS leak protection, improving network security


  • Lacks dedicated server options, potentially limiting customization
  • Some users might find the interface less intuitive compared to other VPN providers
  • Despite the focus on privacy, it may not offer specialized solutions for large corporations or complex business needs

6. Mullvad VPN - Best for anonymous payment options

Mullvad VPN business VPN interface
Here's Mullvad VPN's speed testing feature to secure network connection.

Mullvad VPN is a renowned VPN provider known for its dedication to privacy, security, and most notably, anonymous payment options. By offering payment methods that don't require personal information, Mullvad stands apart as a choice for those prioritizing anonymity in their online transactions. This focus on anonymous payment solutions makes Mullvad the best option for users seeking to keep their financial details private.

Why I Picked Mullvad VPN:

I chose Mullvad VPN for this list after carefully determining and comparing the unique features it offers, particularly regarding anonymous payment options. Mullvad stands out by not only providing secure VPN connections but also embracing anonymity at the payment stage. This makes it "Best for anonymous payment options," offering users an extra layer of privacy when purchasing a subscription.

Standout features & integrations:

Mullvad VPN offers an OpenVPN configuration and WireGuard integration, allowing for flexible and secure VPN connections. The kill switch feature and DNS leak protection ensure that your online activities remain private. Mullvad's compatibility with Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android means that users can benefit from its features across various devices and operating systems.


From €5/user/month (approximately $6/user/month as per current conversion rates)


  • Offers anonymous payment options, improving user privacy
  • Provides robust security features like kill switch and DNS leak protection
  • Supports OpenVPN and WireGuard, ensuring versatile and secure VPN connections


  • Might not offer dedicated customer support compared to other VPN providers
  • Lacks a business plan tailored specifically to small or medium-sized businesses
  • The user interface may not be as user-friendly as some competitors, affecting ease of use

7. Proton VPN - Best for integration with secure email

Proton VPN business VPN interface
Here's Proton VPN's network connection profiles.

Proton VPN is a secure and privacy-focused VPN provider known for its integration with ProtonMail, a secure email service. This synergy between a secure VPN and email makes Proton VPN an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking to combine the security of their internet connection with their email communications. Proton VPN's alignment with secure email solutions renders it the best option for those prioritizing this integration.

Why I Picked Proton VPN:

I chose Proton VPN for this list after comparing and judging its unique integrations, particularly with secure email services like ProtonMail. This integration makes it stand out from other VPN providers, ensuring that not only the internet connection but also email communications are kept secure and private. Therefore, Proton VPN is the "Best for integration with secure email," offering a combination of secure VPN connections and email services that few other providers offer.

Standout features & integrations:

Proton VPN offers strong security features such as AES 256 encryption, OpenVPN, and IKEv2/IPsec protocols. The kill switch and DNS leak protection add another layer of security to its offerings. But what truly sets Proton VPN apart is its integration with ProtonMail, allowing users to combine secure internet browsing with encrypted email services, all within one ecosystem.


From $4/user/month (billed annually)


  • Integration with ProtonMail for secure email communication
  • Robust security features like AES 256 encryption and OpenVPN
  • Available on multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android


  • Does not offer a monthly billing option, only annual
  • Lacks specific business plans tailored to small business needs
  • Some users may find the integration with secure email unnecessary if they don't use ProtonMail or similar services

8. CyberGhost Business VPN - Best for diverse server locations

CyberGhost Business VPN interface
Here's a screenshot of CyberGhost Business VPN obtaining various servers for torrenting and downloads.

CyberGhost Business VPN is a renowned VPN provider that offers improved privacy and security for business users across a broad range of operating systems. What sets CyberGhost apart is its expansive network of servers, boasting more than 7,000 servers in over 90 countries. This vast network of server locations positions CyberGhost as the best choice for businesses requiring diverse server locations to meet various geographic and regulatory needs.

Why I Picked CyberGhost Business VPN:

I chose CyberGhost Business VPN after carefully comparing and judging its capabilities with other VPN providers. The determining factor was its extensive array of server locations, something that offers businesses flexibility in accessing data and services from various regions. This wide range of server locations is what makes CyberGhost stand out, and I believe it's the "Best for diverse server locations," meeting the specific business needs of global companies that require connections to multiple countries.

Standout features & integrations:

CyberGhost offers high-level security features such as 256-bit AES encryption, a kill switch, DNS leak protection, and OpenVPN protocol. It provides great functionality for small business and corporate VPN needs, with dedicated IP addresses and simultaneous connections across multiple devices. Additionally, CyberGhost integrates with various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, making it suitable for different business scenarios.


From $2.75/user/month (billed annually)


  • Extensive network with over 7,000 servers in more than 90 countries
  • Strong security features including 256-bit encryption and OpenVPN
  • User-friendly apps for multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android


  • Lack of dedicated account manager for personalized customer support
  • The low monthly price is available only with a year plan
  • Some users might find the interface less intuitive compared to other VPN providers

9. GoodAccess - Best for cloud gateway security

GoodAccess business VPN interface
Screenshot of GoodAcess control panel for clarity and accessibility.

GoodAccess is a cloud-based VPN service designed to secure company networks and provide safe remote access for team members. With a focus on cloud gateway security, GoodAccess offers a zero-trust network approach that ensures robust authentication and secure VPN connections. This makes it the ideal tool for businesses that prioritize cloud security, positioning it as the best option for cloud gateway security.

Why I Picked GoodAccess:

I chose GoodAccess after meticulously comparing and judging various VPN providers, focusing on cloud gateway security. What makes GoodAccess different is its emphasis on securing connections through the cloud, making it stand out among other VPN services. I have determined that GoodAccess is "Best for cloud gateway security" due to its unique architecture and features designed to protect the cloud environment.

Standout features & integrations:

GoodAccess offers a dedicated server for each business, providing improved network security and bandwidth control. It employs 256-bit encryption and offers single sign-on for ease of use. The cloud-based architecture allows integration with existing operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, as well as the ability to set specific permissions for different team members.


From $3/user/month (min 5 seats)


  • Specialized in cloud gateway security with zero-trust network approach
  • Integration with multiple operating systems and platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Cost-effective pricing for small businesses with a minimum requirement of 5 seats


  • May lack some advanced features found in consumer VPNs
  • Limited number of servers compared to other VPN providers
  • The requirement of a minimum of 5 seats may not suit very small teams or individual users

10. PureVPN - Best for global connectivity

PureVPN business VPN interface
Here's PureVPN server’s dashboard setting and speed testing result.

PureVPN is a VPN service that provides users with encrypted internet access and allows them to bypass geographical restrictions. With a vast network of servers spread across numerous countries, PureVPN ensures global connectivity, making it the best option for those who need to access information, and services, or conduct business around the world.

Why I Picked PureVPN:

I picked PureVPN after evaluating various VPN services, specifically focusing on global connectivity. Its extensive server network and ability to bypass geographical barriers make it stand out from the competition. I judged PureVPN to be "Best for global connectivity" as it not only connects to various countries but also maintains a high level of security with features like 256-bit encryption.

Standout features & integrations:

PureVPN offers a large number of servers in over 140 countries, providing excellent global coverage. The service employs AES 256 encryption, improving security across all connections. PureVPN also offers integrations with various devices and platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, and even offers a dedicated IP address option for better control and privacy.


From $3.33/user/month (billed annually)


  • Extensive global coverage with servers in over 140 countries
  • Strong security features including AES 256 encryption
  • Supports various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux


  • The pricing structure may be confusing due to different plans and promotions
  • Some users might find the interface less user-friendly compared to other VPN services
  • Limited options for simultaneous connections on the base plan

11. NordLayer - Best for team collaboration

NordLayer business VPN interface
Here's a screenshot of NordLayer's list of various network hosts, including specialty servers.

NordLayer is NordVPN’s secure connectivity solution designed for business needs, enabling team members to access company data safely and collaborate efficiently. By offering tools tailored specifically for team collaboration, NordLayer ensures that teams can work together without sacrificing security, making it best for this specific requirement.

Why I Picked NordLayer:

I chose NordLayer for this list after careful comparison with other VPN providers, focusing on the functionality it offers for teams. What makes NordLayer stand out is its emphasis on team collaboration, complete with features like secure VPN connections, dedicated account managers, and access control. These aspects determined my judgment that NordLayer is "Best for team collaboration" as it addresses the unique demands of teamwork in today’s remote work environment.

Standout features & integrations:

NordLayer provides advanced security features like 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and a no-logs policy, ensuring that collaboration happens in a secure environment. The tool integrates with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux, and offers a user-friendly interface that improves ease of use for team members. NordLayer also provides a dedicated server option, supporting smooth collaboration across different regions.

Pricing: From $7/user/month (min 5 seats)


  • Tailored for team collaboration with features like secure VPN connections and access control
  • Integrates with popular operating systems like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring satisfaction for business plan customers


  • More expensive for small business users due to the minimum seat requirement
  • May lack some advanced customization options found in other corporate VPN solutions
  • The focus on team collaboration might leave individual users seeking more personalized features.

12. ExpressVPN - Best for consistent reliability

ExpressVPN business VPN interface
Screenshot of ExpressVPN's own protocols.

ExpressVPN is renowned for its consistent and robust VPN services, ensuring an internet connection without compromising security. Its commitment to providing reliable access across various locations makes it best for consistent reliability, particularly for businesses and individuals who require unwavering network stability.

Why I Picked ExpressVPN:

I chose ExpressVPN after carefully judging and comparing the quality of service and reliability it offers against other VPN providers. What sets ExpressVPN apart is its strong network of servers and consistent performance, enabling users to maintain a secure VPN connection without interruptions. I believe ExpressVPN is "Best for consistent reliability" due to its focus on ensuring uninterrupted access, advanced security features like aes 256-bit encryption, and a track record of protecting against data breaches and hackers.

Standout features & integrations:

ExpressVPN offers key security features such as a kill switch, zero-trust architecture, OpenVPN, and split tunnelling, allowing users to customize their security preferences. The tool integrates with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, providing a user-friendly interface. Additionally, the large number of servers ensures that users can maintain a reliable connection in various locations around the world.


From $8.32/user/month (billed annually)


  • Exceptional reliability through its vast network of servers and consistent performance
  • Advanced security features like 256-bit encryption, kill switch, and OpenVPN
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, providing confidence in the service


  • Slightly higher pricing compared to some consumer VPNs
  • Limited dedicated IP address options may hinder some specific business needs
  • Users looking for more advanced corporate VPN features may find some limitations in functionality.

Other Business VPNs

Below is a list of additional business VPNs I shortlisted but did not make it to the top 12. Definitely worth checking them out.

  1. OpenVPN - Good for secure remote access
  2. - Good for personal online protection
  3. Ivacy Business VPN - Good for small business network security
  4. Twingate - Good for distributed workforce connectivity
  5. CloudConnexa - Good for cloud-based network solutions
  6. Absolute VPN - Good for device and data security
  7. pfSense - Good for customizable firewall protection
  8. Norton Secure VPN - Good for consumer-level online privacy
  9. ClearVPN - Good for intuitive network management
  10. ZenMate VPN - Good for global server accessibility
  11. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited - Good for flexible pricing and plans
  12. PrivateVPN for Business - Good for corporate data protection
  13. HMA VPN for Business - Good for advanced business plan options
  14. SaferVPN for Business - Good for ease of use in business settings
  15. IPVanish VPN for Business - Good for simultaneous connections across devices

Selection Criteria for Business VPNs

Choosing the right business VPN is a critical decision that can greatly impact the security and efficiency of your organization. During my in-depth examination, I've tested and evaluated dozens of VPN tools, focusing on specific functionalities that suit different business needs.

With an array of options available, here's what I've determined to be the most essential criteria when selecting the best VPN services for your business.

Core Functionality

  • Secure Encryption: Implementing robust encryption methods like AES 256 to secure data transmissions.
  • Multi-platform Support: Supporting various operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux.
  • Remote Access: Enabling employees to access company networks securely from various locations.
  • Geo-restriction Bypass: Allowing access to region-restricted content and services.
  • Scalability: Providing flexibility to grow with the business needs, adjusting to increasing users or data load.

Key Features

  • Kill Switch: Terminating the internet connection if the VPN disconnects to prevent accidental data leaks.
  • Dedicated IP Address: Offering unique IPs for each user, which helps in better tracking and security.
  • DNS Leak Protection: Ensuring that DNS requests are routed through the VPN, not the local ISP, for additional privacy.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Adding an extra layer of security by requiring two forms of verification before granting access.
  • China Access: Capability to work in regions like China where many VPNs are blocked.


  • User-friendly Interface: Having a clean and intuitive interface that makes it easy for non-technical staff to connect and use the VPN.
  • Easy Onboarding Process: Offering tutorials, guides, or a learning library to help new users quickly understand how to use the tool.
  • Role-Based Access: Enabling administrators to easily configure permissions and access control based on different employee roles.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Providing timely and knowledgeable customer support through various channels like chat, email, or phone.
  • Compatibility with Various Devices: Working with different devices including desktops, mobiles, Chromebook, and routers.

In summary, the right business VPN must not only offer secure and reliable connectivity but should also be aligned with the specific needs and structure of your organization. Whether it's about accommodating remote work or protecting against data breaches, these criteria can guide you in making an informed and strategic decision.

Most Common Questions Regarding Business VPNs

What are the benefits of using business VPNs?

Business VPNs offer several advantages, including:

  • Enhanced security: VPNs encrypt data, ensuring it remains confidential and protected from potential breaches or interceptions.
  • Remote access: Employees can safely access company networks from anywhere, providing flexibility and maintaining productivity.
  • Geo-restriction bypass: VPNs allow businesses to access data, resources, or services that may be restricted in certain countries or regions.
  • Secure data sharing: Teams can confidently share sensitive data across networks, knowing it is encrypted and secure.
  • Protection on public Wi-Fi: Employees working from cafes or travelling can securely connect to public Wi-Fi without the risk of data theft.

How much do these business VPN tools cost?

The cost of business VPNs varies widely based on the features offered, the number of users, and the brand reputation. Some VPNs offer a basic package for small teams, while others are more comprehensive and are priced accordingly for larger enterprises.

What are the typical pricing models for business VPNs?

Business VPNs often have different pricing models, including:

  • Monthly or annual subscriptions: Pay a fixed rate every month or year.
  • Pay-per-user: The cost is based on the number of users or devices that will be using the VPN.
  • Tiered plans: Different plans offer varying features and capabilities at different price points.

What is the typical range of pricing for business VPNs?

The pricing can range from as low as $5/user/month for basic plans, to over $100/user/month for advanced enterprise solutions with a wide array of features.

Which is the cheapest business VPN software?

Prices are continually evolving, and promotional deals can influence this. However, as of the last update, Ivacy Business VPN is one of the more affordable options available.

Which business VPN software is the most expensive?

Again, prices can vary, but solutions like Absolute VPN tend to be on the higher end due to their comprehensive security features.

Are there any free business VPN options?

While there are many free VPNs available for individual use, it's rare to find free VPNs suitable for business needs due to the higher security standards and features required for corporate use. It's always recommended to invest in a paid business VPN to ensure optimal security and functionality.

Is it worth investing in a business VPN?

Absolutely. The security, flexibility, and protection provided by business VPNs far outweigh the risks of potential data breaches or cyber-attacks, which can cost businesses significantly in both finances and reputation.

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Selecting the best business VPN is a decision that requires careful consideration of various factors tailored to your specific needs. Understanding the core functionality, essential features, and usability aspects will guide you in making a choice that aligns with your business objectives.

Here are three useful key takeaways to consider in your search:

  1. Prioritize Security and Functionality: Look for VPNs that offer robust encryption methods, DNS leak protection, and features like a kill switch. These functionalities ensure that your data remains secure and your connections are reliable.
  2. Consider Usability and Accessibility: Opt for VPNs that offer user-friendly interfaces, role-based access, and responsive customer support. This makes the tool more accessible to all team members and ensures that you can get assistance when needed.
  3. Align with Business Needs: Evaluate your specific business requirements, such as remote access, scalability, and regional access (e.g., China). Choose a VPN that can grow with your business and meet the unique challenges and opportunities of your industry.

By keeping these takeaways in mind and assessing the criteria detailed above, you'll be better positioned to select a business VPN that fits into your organization's workflow and enhances both security and productivity.

What do you think?

If you feel that there's a tool or feature that should be on this list but was missed, please don't hesitate to share your insights and suggestions. Your input helps ensure that this guide stays up-to-date and continues to be a valuable resource for others seeking the best business VPNs.

Feel free to comment below or reach out through our contact page. Your expertise and experience are welcomed and appreciated!

By Paulo Gardini Miguel

Paulo is the Director of Technology at the rapidly growing media tech company BWZ. Prior to that, he worked as a Software Engineering Manager and then Head Of Technology at Navegg, Latin America’s largest data marketplace, and as Full Stack Engineer at MapLink, which provides geolocation APIs as a service. Paulo draws insight from years of experience serving as an infrastructure architect, team leader, and product developer in rapidly scaling web environments. He’s driven to share his expertise with other technology leaders to help them build great teams, improve performance, optimize resources, and create foundations for scalability.